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Access Statement

  1. Park Cottage’ car-park, main entrance, Ground Floor room and public area are all at Ground Level and are accessible to all guests. Our remaining three rooms are all located on the first floor (via one flight of stairs) and may prove inaccessible to guests with restricted mobility.
  2. We do not have a lift installed due to the age of the property.
  3. Two of our rooms have step-in showers, the other two have showers within the baths which may restrict usage for certain guests.
  4. The front of the property has clear and well-lit signage. All guest areas, stairs and landing are well lit at all times.
  5. Easy access by car and well-lit paved access to both bus and train stations.
  6. A combination of help yourself and table service is provided in the Breakfast Room.
  7. Mobile phones and wi-fi can be accessed throughout the house.

A more comprehensive Access Statement has been completed by the property, please call us on 01926 410 319 to discuss individual requirements and we will talk through the available options that best suit your requirements.